Laser North American Championship

279 Entries for this Event
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Fleet Country Sail No. Skipper / Crew Club / Hometown Website Paid
Coach USA 0 Abade, Martin WIANNO YC / brookline Yes
Coach CAN 0 Clark, Allan ROYAL VAN / North Vancouver  No 
Coach CAN 0 Cowan, Chris RVANYC / West Vancouver  No 
Coach USA 0 Dold, Chris LYC / Fort Lauderdale  No 
Coach USA 0 Fedyszyn , Todd  No 
Coach USA 0 Fleig, Richard SAIL NEWPORT / Portsmouth  No 
Coach CAN 0 Fogh, Thomas Mississauga  No 
Coach USA 0 Hall, Corey  No 
Coach CAN 0 Hall, William Westmount  No 
Coach CAN 1 Harper, William NOLSC / Niagara-on-the-Lake  No 
Coach CAN 0 Hayes, David AWESOMEYC / Toronto  No 
Coach CAN 0 Hewson, Chris  No 
Coach CAN 0 Hughes, Emma RCYC / Toronto  No 
Coach CAN 0 Kaars Sijpesteijn, Barbara Oakville  No 
Coach USA 0 Kirkland, Alexander SFYC / San Francisco  No 
Coach USA 0 Lineberger, Ian DIYC / St. Petersburg  No 
Coach GUA 0 Padron, Jose GSC / Guatemala website  No 
Coach USA 0 Rosenbauer, Jenny Rochester  No 
Coach USA 0 Stocke, Chrisotpher CYC / Chicago  No 
Laser CAN 186609 Alexander-Stairs, Aaron RNSYS / Fredericton Yes
Laser ESA 180192 Arathoon Pacas, Enrique CORINTO / Guatemala Yes
Laser CAN 204077 Aulthouse, Brendan Yes
Laser CAN 88003 Bailey, Nick ABYC / Mississauga Yes
Laser USA 198415 balk, thomas RNSYS / lake forest Yes
Laser CAN 198324 Banford, Mitchell KYC / Brockville Yes
Laser CAN 187147 Barry, Daniel SARNIA YACHT CL / Petrolia Yes
Laser CAN 194503 Beatty, Sandy CANADA / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 137809 Bell, Jacob RCYC / St Catharines  No 
Laser CAN 199408 Bignell, Jack RNSYS Yes
Laser USA 196288 Birmingham, Daniel CYC NC / Kure Beach Yes
Laser USA 203751 Bowers, Erik MINNETONKA Yes
Laser CAN 185886 brickell, peter WYC / bowmanville Yes
Laser USA 161930 Britton, Peter RYC Yes
Laser CAN 170112 Burke, Alexander RNSYS / Timberlea Yes
Laser CAN 1 Burns, Charlie GYC  No 
Laser USA 175016 Butcher, Thomson TEXAS / Houston Yes
Laser CAN 199191 Clunies, Gregory RCYC / Branchton website Yes
Laser CAN 190230 Collinson, Scott RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 194015 Crane, Rob website Yes
Laser CAN 200610 Davis, Robert KYC/RCYC / Kingston website Yes
Laser CAN 200184 Davy, Konrad EYC / Brampton Yes
Laser USA 187393 Didham, Richard SDYC / San Diego Yes
Laser CAN 204774 Doell, Mike WRSC / TORONTO Yes
Laser CAN 197128 Finch, Riley OST / Oakville Yes
Laser DOM 187994 Flaquer, Guillermo OCOA TRAINIG CA / La Romana Yes
Laser USA 200525 Gallagher, Thomas LYC / Hanover Yes
Laser CAN 127890 Gauvreau, Nick RNYC / St. John's Yes
Laser CAN 193292 Harper, Levi NOLSC / Niagara on the Lake Yes
Laser CAN 197160 Heinzemann, Alexander RVANYC / Delta website Yes
Laser USA 191958 karcher, philip SSS / sarasota Yes
Laser CAN 207310 Keilty, A.J. KYC / Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 133900 Klotz, Chris BYC / Ottawa Yes
Laser USA 18876 Knape, Charlie GRYC Yes
Laser USA 170699 Koppernaes, Christian BYSC / Beaufort Yes
Laser CAN 195870 Kremer, Stefan GCBC / Guelph Yes
Laser TRI 184116 Lewis, Andrew TTSA / Port of spain website Yes
Laser CAN 188724 Livingstone, Steve DRYTC / Deep River Yes
Laser USA 200191 Long, Matt SANTA BARBARA Y / Santa Barbara Yes
Laser USA 196150 Long, Stephen SANTA BARBARA / Santa Barbara Yes
Laser CAN 195215 Luttmer, Bernard RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 203636 Machum, Henry RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Laser CAN 200021 Mahaffey, Ryan KINGSTON Y.C. / Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 1234567 Marsala, Lucas NOLSC / N-O-T-L  No 
Laser CAN 203653 Martin, Kyle ROYAL VANCOUVER / Vancouver website Yes
Laser USA 188149 Martinez, Greg TCYC / Kemah Yes
Laser USA 203926 McCaffrey, Chris AYC / Atlanta Yes
Laser CAN 203633 McLaughlin, Evert RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 184411 Morris, Wheeler WBYC / Saint Paul Yes
Laser USA 191997 Muller, Luke LYC / Fort Pierce website Yes
Laser CAN 199395 Norton, justin BYC Yes
Laser CAN 195928 oskam, aaron WYC / Ajax Yes
Laser CAN 197120 Parkhill, Lee Oakville Yes
Laser CAN 194159 Perkins, Taylor KYC / Baie d'Urfe website Yes
Laser CAN 197561 Ramshaw, Tom SLYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 178838 Reitinger, Eric BBYC Yes
Laser USA 199350 rizika, jake WYC Yes
Laser CAN 192936 Ryder, Matthew SLYC / Toronto website Yes
Laser USA 121384 Schmidt, Mike MRSA Yes
Laser CAN 198704 Schultz, Clark BHYC / Grimsby Yes
Laser CAN 198381 Seward, Max RNSYS / Bedford Yes
Laser CAN 187783 Sewards, Richard WATER RAT SC / Newmarket Yes
Laser CAN 204479 Shepard, Alexander ROYAL VANCOUVER Yes
Laser CAN 203914 Sherar, Matthew ABYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 196275 Sullivan, Victor RSTLYC, PCYC / Montreal Yes
Laser ISV 204048 Thompson, Cy STYC / Barrington website Yes
Laser USA 196268 Trebilcock, Michael PIBYC / Cleveland  No 
Laser USA 200360 Wagner, David CMRC / Chicago Yes
Laser USA 201255 Wagner, Wade CHICAGO YACHT C / Chicago Yes
Laser CAN 188653 Ward, Connor BHYC / Oakville Yes
Laser USA 188663 Weis, Erik Ft. Lauderdale Yes
Laser CAN 193337 Wells, Fraser RNSYS/RYC / Rothesay Yes
Laser CAN 195930 Wiersma, Kevin KYC/RHYC / Burlington Yes
Laser USA 172483 Wilson, Chris ROCHESTER YACHT / Livonia Yes
Laser CAN 196134 Wood, Bryant RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Laser CAN 199330 Wright, david RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 180521 Zaleski, Marek NYC / Norwalk Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 199393 carter, bailey DIYC / Winter Park Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 200147 Ferrarotto, Noah CVDM / Outremont Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 177998 Hansen, Elizabeth Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 182342 Hughes, Parker TCYC / Houston Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 199967 leClue, Charlotte SYC Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 172933 Levine, Lawson LAKE FOREST SAI / Highland Park Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 177347 Lietz, Jessica RYC / Farmington Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 170702 Luczynski, Henryk Stirling Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 147861 MacCormack, Margaret TRYC / Toms River Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 204110 McCann, Macey TCYC / Kemah Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 203641 Peters, Alannah RNSYS / Bedford Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 199161 Ploch, Megan AYC / Pelham Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 190289 Skinner, Hunter RYC / Pittsford Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 180492 Taylor, Willow BYC / Barrie Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 187760 Wright, Emily SPYC / Tampa Yes
Radial open CAN 204438 Abelson, Rebecca R.STLYC / Montreal Yes
Radial open GUA 176196 Aldana, Andrea GSC / Guatemala website  No 
Radial open USA 199159 Alderman, Graeme FBYC / Beaverdam Yes
Radial open USA 200358 Allgood, Grant SDYC / Del Mar Yes
Radial open USA 164312 Andreasen, Bryce PYC/EYC / Marblehead Yes
Radial open TRI 75070 Arrindell, Kelly-Ann TTSA / Port Of Spian Yes
Radial open USA 189813 baab, Lindsey SFYC/STFYC/PYSF / Saratoga Yes
Radial open USA 151827 Baird, Nic SPYC Yes
Radial open USA 192015 Baird, Ty SPYC Yes
Radial open USA 204389 Baker, Cole MBYC / San Diego Yes
Radial open USA 191513 Beigel, Read ANNAPOLIS YC / Severna Park Yes
Radial open CAN 193297 Belfrage, James WRSC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 192033 Blair V, Mott CYC-NC / Wallace Yes
Radial open CAN 204235 Borjiet, Boyd RVYC / West Vancouver Yes
Radial open CAN 204468 Bowskill, Brenda RCYC / Whitby website Yes
Radial open ISV 199123 Brego, Colin STYC / St John Yes
Radial open USA 171612 Britton, Wesley RYC / Webster Yes
Radial open USA 197044 Broussard, Carly LYC / Houston Yes
Radial open USA 197122 Burns, Andy DIYC / Tampa Yes
Radial open USA 199951 Bushnell, Lola SFYC, STFYC / San Francisco Yes
Radial open CAN 196278 Bussin, Isaac H5 / Fort McMurray Yes
Radial open USA 187697 Butcher, Lenox TEXAS CORINTHIA / Houston Yes
Radial open CAN 196035 Cameron-Steinke, Duncan EYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 170400 Cannon, Maryn pittsford Yes
Radial open CAN 179190 Chandler, Thomas WYC Yes
Radial open USA 194504 Chicoine, Alec RNSYS / Westerville Yes
Radial open USA 204070 Coberly, Chad GRYC / East Grand Rapids Yes
Radial open USA USA 200123 Cole, Kelly OCBC / Oklahoma City Yes
Radial open CAN 126615 Collinson, Noah RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 199716 Cullen, Jake RVANYC / Vancouver Yes
Radial open CAN 189754 Daignault, Victor CNBB / St Augustin de Desma Yes
Radial open USA 192949 Dana, Francesca STFYC, SFYC / San Francisco Yes
Radial open USA 203961 Dana, William SFYC, STFYC / San Francisco Yes
Radial open CAN 201240 Deschambeault, Denys MULTIVOILES 4 S / Trois-Rivieres Yes
Radial open USA 199544 Didham, Paul SDYC / San Diego Yes
Radial open CAN 201205 Doell, Ainsley Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 200393 Dorr, Roger PWYC / Sands Point Yes
Radial open CAN 193947 Doyle, Rory RCYC / Toronto website Yes
Radial open USA 162032 Drejes, Emma SCYC, RYC, SFYC / Felton Yes
Radial open CAN 193995 Dunn, Nathan RNSYS / Bedford Yes
Radial open CAN 161036 Dyer, David RCYC / Pickering Yes
Radial open USA 194166 Eastman, Gerard SCYC / Locust Valley Yes
Radial open USA 196099 Fleig, Tyler SAIL NEWPORT / Portsmouth Yes
Radial open CAN 192886 Fortier, Nicholas RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 188987 Foulston, Elizabeth CYC / Hinsdale Yes
Radial open USA 203638 Foulston, Samantha CYC Yes
Radial open CAN 188125 Fritz, Alexander RVYC / Coquitlam Yes
Radial open CAN 134163 gershman, shawn ABYC / Richmond Hill Yes
Radial open USA 200561 Glosenger, Jeff LAVALLETTE YC / Pittstown Yes
Radial open CAN 166873 Gombac, Marko RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 190435 Gordon, Richie CEDAR POINT YAC / Ridgefield Yes
Radial open USA 204417 Gower, Jack ECS / North Fort Myers Yes
Radial open USA 165966 Griswold, David LYC/MYC / Muskegon Yes
Radial open USA 200615 Guerriero, Max TCYC / Jonesboro Yes
Radial open USA 201311 Guerriero, Reese TCYC / Jonesboro Yes
Radial open USA 203611 Gugliemini, Olivia BBYC / Manahawkin Yes
Radial open USA 183917 Han, Noah FBYC / Chesterfield Yes
Radial open USA 199157 Hanna, Alexander FBYC Yes
Radial open CAN 204478 harney, graham RVYC / west vancouver Yes
Radial open CAN 197622 Harvey , James Darien Yes
Radial open USA 200622 Hayes, Luke Greensboro Yes
Radial open CAN 153329 Heim, Christian EYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 196168 Helmly, Aaron TAYC / Oxford Yes
Radial open CAN 203930 Henneberry, Meghan Bedford Yes
Radial open USA 201274 Hobbs, Greiner DIYC / Tampa Yes
Radial open USA 200381 Honig, Steven OCYC Yes
Radial open USA 199144 Hughes, Haddon TCYC / Houston Yes
Radial open CAN 194233 Jenkins, Michael KYC / Ottawa Yes
Radial open USA 197618 Johnstone, India CONANICUT YC/FA / manteo Yes
Radial open CAN 19202 Jones, Luke RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 192029 Jones, Will RNSYS / Jerseyville Yes
Radial open CAN 189194 Juhasz, James BHYC / OaKVILLE Yes
Radial open CAN 200137 Karim, Fillah RVYC / West Vancouver website Yes
Radial open USA 198646 Kellerhouse, Luke SWYC/SDYC / San Diego Yes
Radial open USA USA 201217 Kiger III, Gray BIG BLUE SAILIN / Norfolk Yes
Radial open USA USA199807 Kilvert, Graham FAST/NANTUCKET / barrington Yes
Radial open USA 197579 Kirby, Brandon LAUDERDALE YC / Palm Beach Shores Yes
Radial open USA 183909 Koppernaes, Drummond BYSC / Beaufort Yes
Radial open USA 167447 Kremers, Isaac GRYC / Ada Yes
Radial open CAN 199382 Kwan, Kytin WYC / Ajax Yes
Radial open CAN 199382 Kwan, Kytin WYC / Ajax  No 
Radial open USA USA184425 Kwoh, Ariana Yes
Radial open CAN 200160 Lalonde, Robert FBYC/OST / Pickering Yes
Radial open USA USA 199796 Lamphere, Malcolm LAKE GENEVA YAC / Lake Forest Yes
Radial open USA 195637 Larsen, Kyle SAN FRANCISCO Y / Woodside website Yes
Radial open USA 193356 leClue, Joshua SYC Yes
Radial open USA 200033 Lennarz, Claire FBYC / Williamsburg Yes
Radial open USA 204231 Leuck, Steven MBYC / San Diego Yes
Radial open CAN 200033 Lewin-LaFrance, Antonia RNSYS / Chester Yes
Radial open USA 194587 llewellyn, nathaniel henrico Yes
Radial open USA 116764 Londrey, Jed FBYC / Richmond Yes
Radial open USA 162011 lynch, declan OCYC / new suffolk Yes
Radial open CAN 176009 Lynch, Arielle WYC / Ajax Yes
Radial open USA USA 189817 Lyon, Brooke BAYVIEW YC / Grosse Pointe Yes
Radial open USA USA 187757 Lyon, Drake BAYVIEW YACHT C / Grosse Pointe Yes
Radial open CAN 201223 MacGillivray, Miranda RVANYC / Port Moody Yes
Radial open CAN 200199 Macrae, Hugh KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 142333 Maden, Patricia CNBB / Qu├ębec Yes
Radial open USA 179946 Marshall, Henry FAST SAILING FO / Auburndale Yes
Radial open USA 195876 Marshall, Jack FAST / Auburndale Yes
Radial open USA 200213 Marshall, William FAST / Auburndale Yes
Radial open CAN 191487 Martineau-Cammalleri, Vincent RSTYC / Pointe-Claire Yes
Radial open USA 199339 McCann, Ford TCYC / Kemah Yes
Radial open USA 199338 USA McCann, Marshall TCYC / Kemah Yes
Radial open USA 197571 McCarthy, Liam SPYC / St. Petersburg Yes
Radial open CAN 46040 McGugan, Mark NSC / Dunrobin Yes
Radial open USA 197101 McKinney, Molly Yes
Radial open USA 200169 Meggitt, Scott SURF CITY YC / Surf City Yes
Radial open CAN 192023 merry, ingrid RCYC / oakville Yes
Radial open CAN 199194 Merry, Claire OYS/RCYC / Oakville Yes
Radial open CAN 40295 Mira, Marina WYC / whitby Yes
Radial open CAN 179185 Muldoon, Paul WRSC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 196087 Murdoch, Ross KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 193295 Muru, Matti OST / toronto Yes
Radial open USA 185511 Naughton, Sophie EYC / Marblehead Yes
Radial open USA 200396 Nicholls, Robbie LYC Yes
Radial open CAN 191912 Norwood, Rae-Anne GRYC/NSC / Gatineau Yes
Radial open CAN 200128 Orsoni-Wiemer, Nick RSTLY / Beaconsfield Yes
Radial open CAN 201291 Pasquin, Philppe RSTLYC / montreal Yes
Radial open USA 187397 Paulsen, Will SAN FRANCISCO Y / San Francisco Yes
Radial open CAN 198678 Peters, Corinne RNSYS / Bedford Yes
Radial open USA 192893 Phelps, Dirk GTYC / Traverse City Yes
Radial open CAN 175591 Poirier, Francois CNBB Yes
Radial open USA 199117 Prieto, Gary OLD COVE YC / Southold Yes
Radial open USA USA188150 Pulsford, James LAUDERDALE YC Yes
Radial open USA 198363 Puopolo, Andrew MARSH CREEK SAI / New York Yes
Radial open USA 199204 Rasmussen, Scott EDISON SAILING / cape coral Yes
Radial open CAN 196152 Razzouki, Aden RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 184454 Reineke, Erika LYC Yes
Radial open CAN CAN 194521 Richardson, Bronwyn RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA USA200532 Rienzi, Dante BBYC / Newtown Yes
Radial open USA 200380 Rittger, Guy CPYC / Southbury  No 
Radial open USA 200236 Rizika, Ben WIANNO / brookline Yes
Radial open USA 199587 Rizika, Gabrielle Brookline Yes
Radial open CAN 174405 Robertson, Cole KYC / Waterloo Yes
Radial open USA 201322 Rohde, Dana LYC, BYSC / Richmond Hill Yes
Radial open USA 182757 Ronco, Giovanni AYC / New York Yes
Radial open USA 195919 Roos, Eric FBYC / Mechanicsville Yes
Radial open CAN 196836 Ruitenberg, Luke RNSYS / Head of St Margarets Yes
Radial open CAN 193288 Sears, Claire ROYAL NOVA SCOT / Quispamsis Yes
Radial open USA 195889 Shanahan, Patrick SPYC/LYC / St Petersburg Yes
Radial open USA 11572 Shumway, Conner RYC / Rochester Yes
Radial open USA 181264 Singh, Alexander BIG BLUE SAILIN / Virginia Beach Yes
Radial open USA 203630 Sole, Sophia TCYC / Houston Yes
Radial open CAN 195900 St-Hilaire, Antoine CNBB / St.Romuald Yes
Radial open CAN 191942 St-Hilaire, Pierluc CNBB / St-Romuald Yes
Radial open USA 196858 Staff, Simone CYC / Los Angeles website Yes
Radial open CAN 195591 Stafford, Violet KYC/RCYC / Scarborough website Yes
Radial open USA 105916 Steadman, Hannah FBYC / Palmyra Yes
Radial open USA 175580 Streater, Paul LAUDERDALE YC / Flagler Beach Yes
Radial open USA 204405 Tan, Michael SFYC/STFYC / Menlo Park Yes
Radial open CAN 192885 Thompson, Truman RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 181207 Timmons, Heidi RSTLYC / Baie d'Urfe Yes
Radial open PER 200575 Torres-Llosa, Alonso CRL  No 
Radial open CAN 196100 Tsyhanok, Anton EYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 181175 Vasilkovs, Elizabeth KYC / Ajax Yes
Radial open CAN 203918 Wachholz, Forrest BYC / barrie Yes
Radial open CAN 187792 Wadsley, Rowan RVYC / Vancouver Yes
Radial open USA 194042 Weaver, Hanne RVYC, CYC, SYC / Gig Harbor Yes
Radial open USA 185935 Weitz, Cooper CALIFORNIA YACH / Marina del Rey Yes
Radial open USA 199944 Widmeier, Andy BBYC / Piipersville Yes
Radial open USA 177006 Widmeier, Maddie BBYC Yes
Radial open USA 190468 Willard, Lawson STFYC / SFYC / San Francisco Yes
Radial open USA 201216 Williams, Jessica BIG BLUE SAILIN / Norfolk Yes
Radial open SIN 186755 Yin, Elizabeth SAFYC Yes