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Day 1: CORK Olympic Classes Regatta, Sail Canada Senior Championships


Welcome to the first day of CORK OCR Sail Canada Senior Championships!

We began the day with a great opening welcome with guests including Kingston’s Town Crier Chris Whyman, Kingston City Councillor Peter Stroud, Canadian Sailing Team Member Sarah Douglas reading the Athlete’s Oath and long time CORK volunteer Mike Dawson reading the Official’s Oath.

We had a great day of sailing, with shifting winds ENE to NE and wind strength ranging from 11-13 knots.

The Laser Standard and Radial fleets completed 4 races, the Finn fleet completed 3 races, the 49er and 49erFX fleets completed 5 races and the J/24 fleet completed 4 races.


Laser Class

1st-Lamphere USA

2nd-Davis CAN

3rd-Boite FRA

4th-Bruce CAN

5th-Macrae CAN


Radial Class

1st-Gravely CAN

2nd-Vittecoq CAN

3rd-Ehnot USA

4th-Douglas CAN

5th-Collins USA


Finn Class

1st-Ramshaw CAN

2nd-Martin CAN

3rd-Mazin USA

4th-Peck USA

5th-Gallon CAN


49er Class

1st-Jones/DePaul CAN

2nd-Tosi/Tosi CAN

3rd-Lloyd/Cote CAN



49erFX Class

1st-Baird/Baird CAN

2nd-Bonin/Bonin CAN

3rd-Tenhove/Millen CAN

4th-Wilson/Moffat CAN

5th-Heinzemann/Coleman CAN


Thank you to the CORK volunteer team for all of your work on the water and ashore today!


For more informationn

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario




Final Day: CORK International Regatta and 29er North American Championship

Welcome to the fourth and final day of racing for CORK International and the 29er North American Championship!

After a week that gave us many different weather conditions, Radial Gold fleet completed 7 races, Radial Silver fleet completed 6 races, Radial Bronze fleet completed 5 races, 4.7 fleet completed 7 races, c420 Gold fleet completed 7 races, c420 Silver fleet completed 6 races and the 29er fleet completed 10 races.

Overall Radial Results:

1st-Hunter Dejean

2nd-Harrison Bruce

3rd-Benjamin George

4th-Thad Lettsome

5th-Michael Pinto

6th-Oliver van Rossem


Overall 4.7 Results:

1st-Spencer Leman

2nd-Alexander Roy

3rd-Isabel Foy

4th-Sullivan Nakatsu


Overall 29er Results:

1st-Eric Loyal and Andrew Moreno

2nd-Jake Adair and Galen Richardson

3rd-Thomas and William Staples

4th-Ross Thompson and Ethan Kinsman

5th-Nelson Fretenburg and William Mendham


Overall c420 Results:

1st-Ben Mosher and William Burch

2nd-Timma Flanagan and Bryanna Carson

3rd-Molly Matthews and Maren Matthews

4th-Hyla Mosher and Aird Nesbit

5th-Wil Peters and Matthew Tiplady

6th-Emma Sampson and Ekin Berktay


Top Canadian Single Handed Male Hans Fogh Trophy-Harrison Bruce

Top Canadian Single Handed Female Hans Fogh Trophy-Hunter Dejean

Top Double Handed Female Team Hans Fogh Trophy-Timma Flanagan and Bryanna Carson

Top Double Handed Male Team Hans Fogh Trophy-Ben Mosher and William Birch


Results found here:


For more informationn

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario




Day 1: CORK International Regatta and 29er North American Championships

Welcome to Day 1 of CORK International Regatta and the 29er North American Championships! We would like to thank Mayor Paterson, Town Crier Chris Whyman, MP Mark Garrettsen’s Constituency Assistant Mike Cavanaugh, Athlete’s Oath Galen Richardson and PRO Paul Clissold for saying a few words.

After some unfortunate weather conditions, the Radial Red and Yellow and 4.7 fleets were able to get in one race, and the c420, 29er and Radial Blue fleets were unable to finish a race.

2018 CORK Seminars and Professional Development Activities

Join us in some amazing seminars and professional development activities with some special guest speakers and coaches! You definitely do not want to miss out!

Final Day: CORK International Boards Regatta, Sail Canada Youth RS:X and Techno 293, Senior RS:X Championships

Congratulations to all sailors for an amazing weekend of sailing! We hope you have enjoyed racing in Kingston and wish you all the best for the rest of the sailing season!

After a great three days of sailing, our results are:

RS:X 8.5 Fleet

1st-Olivia Mew


RS:X 9.5 Fleet

1st-Marcus Mealey

2nd-Tyler McKay


Kona Fleet

1st-Andree Gauthier

2nd-Robert Mew


Techno 293 Fleet

1st-Philip Menard


Once again, congratulations to all competitors and we hope to see you again at CORK next year!

For more informationn

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario