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First time at CORK Peter Warren and Rob Shapiro

(Story written by Peter Warren and Rob Shapiro)

(Photo submitted by Ron Gilkie Soling competitor)


My two attended CORK regattas, 1970 and 1971, were both quite memorable.  I was 19 years old in 1970 — 1970 in the Soling Class with USA 186 and 1971 with Soling USA 507.

My crew for both regattas was Rob Shapiro and (the late) John Nystedt.

In 1970, the fleet consisted of about 60 boats all experiencing very strong winds throughout the event.

During a gybe in about 25 knots, our 200 lbs+ crew John was lifted a couple of feet off the deck by the spinnaker pole (attached to both sheets) when the boat came off a plane.  Facing aft, his expression was priceless!  Rob and I yelled to just ‘hang-on’ while we got the boat back up on the next wave and he slowly floated back on deck and was able to complete the pole connection to the mast.

We attended a massive cocktail party on the night before the next-to-last scheduled race where our former (also late) sailing coach Carl VanDyne introduced us to Buddy Melges.

Buddy shared, with this starry-eyed group of teens, a key secret to his success  (he won every race in the Soling fleet that year).

The next day, after starting at opposite ends of the starting line, we crossed tacks with him near the first windward mark.

Friendly words were exchanged (and shall remain confidential) based on the past night’s meeting.  Then, he crossed us on the next set of tacks and left us in the dust!

In 1971 we had a new boat, new sails and lots more experience in the class.  We finished a very satisfying 3rd with Buddy first again (though not undefeated this time) and the late Bruce Goldsmith 2nd.

We drove the boat back to Marblehead, our home port, after a successful border crossing, then returned to our respective colleges.

Both regattas were very well run and some of the more challenging as well as memorable racing for each us.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers and sailors who have helped make CORK a ‘do-not-miss’ regatta!


Peter Warren and Rob Shapiro


Some final thoughts from Peter:

We raced together from the early teen years through, well, let’s just say far into adulthood!  He was very successful in the cockpit and dragged me along!!!  Lots of one-design classes, Sears and Mallory Cup finals and of course great fun at CORK.  Thanks for putting this effort together,  Peter

The narrative and that wonderful photo bring back so many memories!  The CORK experiences were truly among the highlights of those many years of sailing and competing together, and meeting and making wonderful friends along the way.

Very best wishes – Rob


Thank you for sharing your memories with us Peter and Rob!

If you have story that you would like to share with others tag us in a story on social media or reach out to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The CORK Team




CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: Portsmouth Olympic Harbour 53 Yonge Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.




2020 J/22 North American Championships are cancelled

The safety and well-being of participants, volunteers, staff, visitors and community at large continues to be top priority for the CORK Board of Directors and the North American J/22 class.  As a result, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 J/22 North American Championships.  This event was originally scheduled for August 6-9th 2020 at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

“It was important to the organizing group that we would be able to offer competitors an event complete, memorable and worthy of a North American Championship title,” said Trevor Collins, J/22 Canadian Class President. “We hope all J/22 sailors get on the water soon, and we look forward to inviting you all back to CORK in the near future.”

The CORK leadership continues to closely monitor all developments related to COVID-19.  CORK will continue to prepare for events scheduled later in the 2020 season following the necessary measures recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), provincial and municipal health authorities and Sail Canada.  The CORK leadership remains engaged with the City of Kingston and the local health authority to develop a plan on how events might be conducted as restrictions are eased.   Decisions to host each event in 2020 will be made not later than 45 days ahead of the scheduled start date.

Our wish is for everyone to continue to stay safe, practice physical distancing and follow the guidelines and recommendations of your local government.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time.

The CORK Board

Sailors for the Sea, Exemplary Green Boater: Tom Stalder

Actions speak louder than words! Today we celebrate CORK volunteer, Exemplary Green Boater: Tom Stalder!

story posted at

Exemplary Green Boater: Tom Stalder

By Virginia Tippie & John Butler, Co-Chairs, EYC Environmental Committee

Green Boaters are part of a leading community of ocean conservationists that are taking action in their local communities and globally to address pressing ocean health issues.

Tom Stalder is an example of a Green Boater who is truly making a difference. Through his leadership and actions, he has inspired many sailors and boaters to become environmentally responsible.

Tom Stalder has been an integral part of the Eastport Yacht Club (EYC) Race Committee and Environmental Committee for many years and is the current chair of the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron Race Committee. As a member of both the EYC Race Committee and Environmental Committee, Tom is a key player in making sure that all EYC regattas are Clean Regattas, helping to implement best practices both on the water and on the shore. He has been instrumental in ensuring that each Race Committee volunteer uses a refillable water bottle at the 3-gallon water station with a pump that he established for every committee boat. He also encourages regatta competitors to do the same and reminds them to manage their waste. In addition, Tom and Trudy, his wife, have frequently served as environmental volunteers during regatta parties, manning the compost and recycling centers and educating individuals about Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana and the best practices that make up the framework of the Clean Regattas program. His commitment to encouraging Clean Regatta sustainability initiatives has been extended to the Naval Academy where the midshipmen now faithfully use refillable water bottles and implement effective waste management practices.

In addition to his significant contribution to Clean Regatta efforts, Tom has become a tireless volunteer for several other EYC Environmental Committee efforts from the oyster restoration program to the youth environmental education program. He helped make the concrete triangles which get impregnated with oyster spat and then donned diving equipment to plant the spat covered triangles on underwater shelves, creating a living oyster wave wall that protects the marina. Tom is part of the team that tests the water quality at the marina and maintains the EYC monitoring equipment. He has served as the dock coordinator and as a boat captain for the annual “Kids on the Creek” day with Spa Creek Conservancy where a fleet of captained boats take Annapolis children out for a free boat ride to learn about bay stewardship.

Tom Stalder’s actions speak louder than words. He is truly a Sailor for the Sea.

Join the community of Green Boaters

You can take action to save our oceans by joining our Green Boating community today. By becoming a Green Boater, you will be provided with the latest information and resources on sustainable boating practices and opportunities to act on critical policy issues that are needed to combat plastic pollution, prevent habitat destruction, source responsible seafood and limit overfishing.

Happy New Year from the CORK team!










Happy New Year from the CORK team

The CORK Board and Staff wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dedicated volunteers who helped make our 50th season a huge success!  Their knowledge, hard work and commitment made the 2019 season one to remember.

We look forward to seeing you out on the water again next year!  Join our team or compete in one of the 2020 CORK Events!

2020 Event Schedule is online

We wish you all the best in 2020!


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CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: Portsmouth Olympic Harbour 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario




The 49er and 49er FX Junior World Championships are coming to CORK in 2017!

The 49er and 49er FX Junior World Championships are coming to CORK in 2017!

CORK is excited to work with the 49er Class Association once again in 2017.  CORK will kick off another great summer of racing here in Kingston with back to back championships starting with the 49er & 49er FX North American Championships (June 23-25.)  Next the Junior World Championships for the 49er and 49er FX,  this U23 event runs from June 29th-July 2nd.

JWC website

NA’s  Event Website

Shipping  and charter boat information can be found at

All interested sailors should apply by submitting their application to . Applications are due January 31, 2017.

CORK hosts annual events in August and September. The 2017 schedule is posted online.

Competitor information including details about travel to the venue, accommodation, and other amenities in the city of Kingston are available at

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