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Thank you to all of the members that attending CORK’s first ever virtual AGM!
It was so wonderful to see familiar faces and voices on the screen! We had members attend from across the country and it was great to see a few of our international members in attendance!
For those that were unable to attend a few thank yous and highlights include:
Thank you Nigel Heath for joining the meeting to introduce the Douglas Heath Award. Honouring Douglas Heath’s memory and celebrating our outstanding volunteers by awarding the Douglas Heath Award is an important tradition for the CORK AGM. Thank you to Rob Colwell for recognizing Blanche Battersby and Steve Brunsden for recognizing Ron Rubadeau.

“Thank everyone that I have worked with in my CORK experience.  It has been amazing! wonderful people!  positive attitudes!  Thank you to all of the people that I have worked with at CORK over the years…I spend my winters looking forward to coming to CORK!   It has always been a happy and enjoyable, fulfilling experience for me.”  Blanche Battersby

” I first heard about CORK more than 50 years ago when I dreamed of going to this mystical place as a competitor. Like many early life dreams, if never came to be. But years later, an opportunity came to be a volunteer at CORK….and I jumped at the chance….and what a rewarding experience it has been…And when people would ask about it I would passionately tell them about the magical place that remains as the Mecca for all those interested in our sport….I cherish those days spent in Kingston as I have known all previous honourees for this award. I am humbled to be in their number” Ron Rubadeau

Thank you Blanche and Ron for your immense contributions to CORK– This honour is so very well deserved!
A pause and moment of silence for volunteers Mabel Corlett, Ian Gow, Richard Howlett and Tim Irwin. Good sailing friends.
We celebrated the CORK volunteers for receiving the Sail Canada Chisholm Trophy for excellence in race management for the 4.7 and Radial Youth Worlds events in 2019.
We welcomed CORK’s 18 new members and recognized our dedicated volunteers for their long time service. Bronze, Silver and Gold volunteer service pins will be presented when we resume hosting events in person.
We celebrated four volunteers for their 25+ years of service The new additions to the Volunteer Service Honour Roll are Peter French, Sicotte Hamilton, Lyle
Merriam and Carole Pearcy. Congratulations all!
And yes all of the business on the agenda was taken care of. The minutes and board reports and Financial statements were reviewed, auditors were appointed.
Our Board members are:
Re-elected members Dominique Andry, Jamie Fraser, Pat Lymburner, Irene McNeill, Stephen Monty and Janice Wilby.
For continuation of term: Paul Brennan, Hugh Cowan and Gord Jenkins
New board members Tammy Coutu and Andy Roy
We are looking forward to a time when we can all get together in person. Our time before and after the meeting last night was a great reminder of how much we have missed seeing everyone this past year.
Thank you again for all of your support!
Take care
The CORK Team

July 15th is the Early Bird Deadline for August Events








August is fast approaching, and we are gearing up for another exciting annual regatta series at CORK/Sail Kingston!   Kingston’s Fresh Water Sailing Festival will be nonstop!

The Early Bird Deadline for all August CORK events is Monday July 15st!  Don’t forget to register before the competitor fee increases!

August 7-11

Soling North American Championship


August 8-11

CORK International Optimist Regatta


August 9-11

J/22 Canadian Championship


August 12-16

CORK International Regatta

Sail Canada Youth Championship


August 16-18

5o5 Canadian Championship


August 16-20

CORK Olympic Classes Regatta

Sail Canada Senior Championships


114 North American Championship


49er & 49er FX North American



To Register As A Competitor Click Here


For more information

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario




Fall CORK: Final Day

Congratulations to all competitors who raced this weekend!
Thank you to parents and coaches for getting everyone to Kingston to compete in the CORK Fall Regatta.
Thank you CORK Volunteers for making everything happen!

C420 Overall

1st Krauss/White BYC

2nd Newhouse/Millar OST/RHYC

3rd Kittson/Baird RSTLYC


29er Overall

1st Savard/Riel-Brockie RCYC

2nd Chiu/McCutcheon RCYC

3rd Richardson/Yale RCYC


FX Overall

1st Morgan/Boyd RSTLYC/KYC

2nd Millen/Ten hove RCYC/KYC

3rd Surrette/Timmins


One of our youngest sailors this weekend, top Optimist White Fleet Blake Conod KYC


Optimist Blue fleet

1st Thomas Staples RSTLYC

2nd Andreas Steinitz BQYC

3rd Jean-Rene Kiekens Arana RSTLYC


Optimist Red fleet

1st Spencer Leman RCYC

2nd Georgia Phillips RCYC

3rd Eric Omielan RSTLYC


Optimist Top Girls

1st Georgia Phillips RCYC

2nd Carling Davies RCYC

3rd Paige Kittson RSTLYC


Optimist Top Ontario Sailor Congratulations! Spencer Leman RCYC


Top Optimist overall

1st Spencer Leman RCYC

2nd Georgia Phillips RCYC

3rd Thomas Staples RSTLYC

4th Andreas Steinitz BQYC

5th Eric Omielan RSTLYC


Radial Overall

1st Maxime Amyot RSTLYC

2nd Michael Thomas RSTLYC

3rd Dale Whitmore RHYC

Top Female in the Radial fleet Claire Sears RNSYS


Laser Standard Overall

1st Robert Davis KYC/RCYC

2nd Nathan Dunn RNSYS

3rd Luke Ruitenberg RNSYS


Fall CORK: Day 1


Overall results after Day 1:


1st Georgia Phillips RCYC

2nd Thomas Staples RSTLYC

3rd Spencer Leman RCYC



1st Savard/Riel-Brockie RCYC

2nd Chiu/McCutcheon RCYC

3rd Richardson/Yale RCYC



1st Krauss/White BYC

2nd Newhouse/Millar OST/RHYC

3rd Kittson/Baird RSTLYC



1st Dale Whitmore RHYC

2nd William Staples RSTLYC

3rd Lea Degroseilliers RSTLYC


Laser Standard

1st Robert Davis KYC/RCYC

2nd Nathan Dunn RNSYS

3rd Justin Norton BYC


49er FX

1st Morgan/Boyd RSTLYC/KYC

2nd Millen/Ten hove RCYC/KYC

3rd Surrette/Timmins

BELOWDEX: Your Boat In The Palm of Your Hand In Real Time


BELOWDEX is pleased to sponsor 2016’s CORK International Sailing Competitions. “We are looking forward to having front row seats to this action packed event, while introducing our recently launched Smartphone APP,” states company President Mark Marcelissen.

Developed and designed in Kingston, Ontario, BELOWDEX introduces the highly sought after “internet of things” concept into the world of personal watercraft and charter boating. Marcelissen remarks, “We were invited to showcase BELOWDEX at the 2016 International RFID JOURNAL LIVE Conference in Orlando, Florida, for its’ original concept and ease of use.” The Canadian Government is injecting 1.3 million dollars into safe boating initiatives by informing and verifying the boating public are well versed in the arena of responsible boating regulations. With minimal effort from the user, BELOWDEX aids in meeting and exceeding these requirements. Mark explains his inspiration for the time and money saving idea, “I looked at what we needed on our 31 ft. boat should we be boarded by authorities, or find ourselves in a precarious situation while out on the water. I started with the enforced safety list, and after lengthy conversations with members of Canadian Power and Sail, as well as U.S. Coastguard; a comprehensive list of over 40 items was compiled.  Personally, I didn’t want to spend the beginning of each cruise verifying that I had everything, or that I knew the exact location, or have to recheck the expiry dates. I looked at a way to use my Computing Engineering background to refine the process, making it faster, more precise, and to be absolutely honest, I wanted it to be fun!”

So how does it work? BELOWDEX provides rugged, compact, RFID tags that discretely adhere to items on a boat. Mark describes the process, “I simply step onto my boat, attach the handheld antenna to my Smartphone, launch the APP, and as I walk through the cabin BELOWDEX automatically generates a real time list as it locates, validates and ensures my boat is equipped to meet all safety standards in accordance with Transport Canada and US Marine Law.”

BELOWDEX is accurate in any Province or State – when you receive your BELOWDEX Antenna and initially launch the APP, it will prompt you for pertinent details such as province/state/boat size/colour/MMSI number. So each time you board your boat it automatically collates a list in accordance to your location. With RFID technology BELOWDEX then detects all equipment stored in cabinets and lockers without opening anything below deck! If a “validation failed” screen appears, it will indicate what is missing.  A neat feature, launch the “locate” option and the antenna will sound faster the closer you are to the item, even off the boat.

“I added a safety feature that saves a great deal of time – an automated “Float Plan.”

Before you leave shore the APP will prompt you to select your planned destination from a drop down menu, then enter the time you intend to arrive. It prompts you to enter the number of people onboard. A section allows you to make notes you feel necessary, like the route chosen, or passenger’s names. The very cool part is that the APP takes all the information you entered when you initially launched BELOWDEX (name/address/MMSI/boat make/colour/etc.) and emails all of this information to your emergency contact. Should you not arrive at your predicted location your personal contact will have all the answers to coastguard questions contained in the email, along with GPS coordinates.

BELOWDEX can also be customized. “Boaters can purchase additional RFID tag packages from us, then send a list of items they deem necessary for a good cruise and we will program the tags. So when they launch the APP, BELOWDEX will seek out their customized list as well,” explains Mark.

BELOWDEX is truly “your boat in the palm of your hand in real time”! BELOWDEX brings cruising into the 21st century.

Visit us during CORK competitions at the BELOWDEX booth in the Sail room and check out the demo online.

Good luck to all the competitors at 2016 CORK events!