Final Day 49er & 49er FX North American Championships

49er and 49er FX North American Championships wrap up.

Athletes, supporters and CORK volunteer team members,  thank you for making the 49er and 49er FX North American Championships a resounding success!

A special award was presented today to the youngest sailors in the fleet:

Natasha Bryant representing Australia and Nate Colburn representing Canada

They both showed tremendous perseverance and determination especially given the breezy conditions this regatta!


Here are the final results for the 49er and 49er FX North American Championships:


49er FX

3RD place Anna Yamazaki and Sena Takano representing Japan

2ND place Carla and Marta Munte representing Spain


1ST place and your 49er FX North American Champions

Erin Rafuse and Danielle Boyd representing Canada

The Frank Bethwaite Cup is yours!



3RD place Ryan and Andrew Wood representing Canada

2ND place William Jones and Evan Depaul representing Canada


1ST place and your 49er  North American Champions

Nevin Snow and Maximilliano Agnese representing USA

The Trevor Moore Memorial cup is yours!


Full results here:


We look forward to having you back later in the summer.


The CORK Olympic Classes Regatta, Sail Canada Senior Championships is coming up August 18-23rd.


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