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Sarah Douglas: Continuing the climb (Scuttlebutt article)

We have to share the wonderful article Published in Scuttlebutt Sailing news this week.  

Here is a photo of Sarah competing at CORK this past summer taken by Sailing Shot.

Sarah Douglas: Continuing the climb

Published in Scuttlebutt Sailing news on January 24th, 2019

Now 25 years old, Sarah Douglas is making noise as she works toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Sailing the Laser Radial, she just finished second in the Laser US Nationals which qualified her to compete at the 2019 Pan American Games. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checked in with Sarah for an update.

We’ve never met but you look tall in the photos.

I’m six feet tall. It runs in the family. While my mom is 5’5″, my dad is 6’4″ and my brother is 6’3″. So yes, I am very tall.

I heard you are originally from Barbados?

Yes, I lived there until I was 14 and then moved to Canada for High School. I used to compete for Barbados and switched countries in 2008, both my brother and I, which is when I started sailing the Radial.

Sarah Douglass

And 11 years later you are now world class. Was this a steady climb?

Sort of. I was doing very well in the youth racing but it got to a point where it wasn’t fun anymore, so I turned my attention to volleyball. For two years I stopped competitively racing and training, but I stayed in touch by coaching Optimists and sailing for fun.

Every now and again I’d do a regatta, like CORK, and despite my approach I was still doing well and one summer qualified as an alternate for the Canada Summer Games, which is a multisport event that’s a big deal in Canada.

Prior to the Games, at a weekend camp where all the sports came together, the experience was very inspirational with lots of team bonding and motivation from presentations by past Olympians. One of them was Rosie MacLennan, who’d just come back from winning a gold medal in the trampoline, and she was speaking about her Olympic experience and what the medal meant to her.

I was sitting there, thinking to myself, “What am I doing? Why am I not trying to get a medal?” I was enjoying sailing at this point, and from then on I began training again. I met with the two provincial coaches, and they thought I could make the national team next year, and have a shot for the next Olympics.

This was probably 2014, and while it seemed like a longshot, their confidence inspired me. I got serious about my training, putting on 10 pounds of muscle. I showed up for Miami World Cup, but then had a breakdown in which I missed all three races one day which blew my chance at getting strong support from Canada.

It was pretty heartbreaking, but I picked myself back up, and despite not getting the funding, I was able to train with the national team which was a big step for me. I never really considered myself one of the top girls in Canada, but I was trying to learn as much as I could and I ended up progressing a lot.

The last qualifier for the Rio Olympics was the 2016 World Championships, and I ended up 21st and second Canadian. It was my first World Championship so I was really happy with that. So while I wasn’t going to the 2016 Games, I looked at this current quad as my chance to be not just the top Canadian in the country, but top in the world.

So the people around you helped you see your potential?

Yes. Absolutely.

Last year was huge as you were in a position to win the 2018 World Championship. How’s the view from the top of the mountain?

It feels good. Every year I think I’ve made a big jump. I was 21st at my first World Championship in 2016, I came 12th in 2017 and then came in 6th in 2018 after a rookie error in the medal race. So yeah, I’m really happy to be where I am today and continue the work. My coach and I are very excited about where I’m at and the potential in making that next step to the podium. That’s the next goal.

Your brother Greg had previously campaigned in the Finn. What did you gain from his experience that you’ve tried to apply to your campaign?

It was really cool to see Greg compete, and travel, and learn about behind-the-scenes stuff. My family is very involved in my program. I constantly go to my brother and my parents for advice on whether it’s budgeting or sailing, and they are very much a part of my behind the scenes, as well. But to see Greg competing and doing what he loves, and traveling all around the world, and what he was doing in his program. He was very, very fit when he was sailing the Finn, and that inspired me to try to be one of the fittest as well. It’s something you can control. . It’s really cool to have watched him and then now to have his support.

What does 2019 mean for you?

This year will be incredibly busy for me. I have a lot of training planned, and then I have a lot of competitions, as well. I’m just really looking for more time in the water, high-quality sessions, high-quality training partners, and the 2019 World Championship. This is my main event. That is what I’m focusing on. That’s where all my energy is going towards, but I am also looking forward to representing Canada at the 2019 Pan Am Games. But I still must keep my eye on Tokyo 2020 so there will be a lot time training in Japan. I’m really looking forward to this year which all gets started at the World Cup Series Miami.




Holiday Greetings from CORK




































Happy Holidays from the CORK team!  .

The CORK Board and Staff wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Athletes, coaches and parents, thank you for coming to CORK in 2018.  Over 800 boats, 1000+athletes, 300+ coaches, from 11 countries competed at CORK this past year. From the beginners in Opti green fleet to the elite competing in OCR you always impress us with your confidence and ability!  Hosting regattas for you was rewarding and fun for the entire CORK team.  We are excited to follow your sailing development in 2019!

The 2018 season would not be possible without the enthusiastic CORK volunteer team.  This year round team contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours in 2018! Exceptional!  All for the love of the sport!  A quote from one of the team members, ” a beautiful venue and a beautiful city. The volunteers are always top notch and it’s almost like a reunion every year with the volunteers.  Better than any family reunion, since we all love sailing.”

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to join us in 2019 as CORK celebrates its 50th!  The 2019 event schedule includes the Sail Canada Youth and Senior Championships! Two ILCA Youth World Championships! The full 2019 Event Schedule is at  We look forward to seeing you all back in 2019!

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2019!

The CORK Board and Staff


CORK hosts annual events in August and September.  The 2019 schedule is posted online here

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Sail Canada Youth Championships returns to CORK International in 2019!











CORK is pleased to announce that the 2019 Sail Canada Youth Championships will take place during CORK International at Portsmouth Olympic Harbor (POH) in Kingston, Ontario. The championships will take place August 12th – 16th, 2018. Competitive youth sailors from across the country are invited to compete in the sailing freshwater capital of the world!

The Sail Canada Youth Championships is an annual event bringing together the country’s top competitive youth sailors. The purpose of the championship is to provide development opportunities for youth sailors through training & racing experiences, award the Youth National Champions, and train and develop officials. It also serves as a great talent identification opportunity for national and provincial team coaches. The Sail Canada Youth Championships have most recently been at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, Ontario where over 114 boats competed.

The 2019 Sail Canada Youth Championships will be one of two qualifying events for the 2020 World Sailing Youth World Championships.

In conjunction with the 2019 Youth Championships Sail Canada will be hosting a Youth Olympic Training Seminar (YOTS) at POH from August 9 – 11. YOTS is a training opportunity for Canada’s top youth sailors involving on water sessions and group debriefs with guest coaches and experts.

Celebrate CORKs 50th in 2019! CORK and The City of Kingston are excited to welcome athletes, coaches, and volunteers from across the country and around the world! Annual training and regattas take place each year in August and September. Canada’s largest annual sailing regatta continues to attract world class events, 43 World Championships to date to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in addition to national and continental class championships.


At the end of a fun week of competition and camaraderie, on and off the water, each class will award the 2019 Sail Canada Youth National Champ!

The event will include 4 days of racing for 5 fleets, including Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Club 420, i420 and 29er.

2019 Volunteer Registration is now open!

Join the Team in 2019!

CORK celebrates 50 years next year.   There are many championships and special events planned including two World Championships!

2019 Summer Event Schedule

Would you like to get involved and volunteer for an International event?

Since 1969 CORK / Sail Kingston has hosted world-class international sailing events.  Offering the best fresh-water sailing in the world with excellent wind and wave conditions, Kingston was the host sailing venue for the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics.  This summer over 1000 boats and 1500+ competitors will participate in a series of 2-8 day regattas (July through September).  Volunteering at CORK is fun and a great way to support the sport about which we are passionate!  Volunteer opportunities exist both on the water and ashore, including:


·      Race Committee

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·      Race Results  (SAILWAVE and Results input training available)

·      Administration/Registration

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Contact the CORK Office.  Email –   Phone – 613 545-1322


CORK hosts annual events in August and September.  The 2019 schedule is posted online here

For more information

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario




Charter Boats for the 2019 Season

Do you have a boat that you would like to charter in the 2019 season?

Are you looking for a Charter Boat in the 2019 season? 

Whether it is a RHIB, motorboat or sailboat (especially Optimists, Radials and Lasers),  the CORK website is a great resource to help you to find what you are looking for. 

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CORK hosts annual events in August and September.  The 2019 schedule is posted online here

For more information

CORK website:

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario