Douglas Austin Heath was a long time volunteer with the Canadian Olympic-training Regatta at Kingston (CORK), and his involvement with the regatta included long involvement on the Board of Directors and the Executive. His further volunteer efforts included daily visits to the office, intense involvement in class selection, supervision and administration of Opening Ceremonies, Awards Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies and long term developments.

The Award is presented annually, when appropriate, to a volunteer selected from nominees by a Selection Committee (the Executive and a member of the Heath family). In deciding upon a recipient of the Award the Selection Committee shall consider the type of involvement, the level of commitment, the type of contribution and the length of involvement. It is intended that the involvement be of a quality comparable to that of Douglas Heath. It is further intended that the Award not be presented for involvement which ended prior to June 1996.

Douglas Heath Deed of Gift

The 2019 recipients of the Douglas A. Heath Volunteer Award  

We congratulate Blanche Battersby and Ron Rubadeau for their tremendous contributions to CORK!


Past Recipients:

1997 – Jack Cameron

1998 –  Bart Dalton

1999 – Paul Rushton and Valerie Bergeron

2000 – Bryan Smith

2001 – Laurel Connell

2002 – Bill Monkman

2003 – Carole Pearcy

2004 – Julie Hudson

2005 – Ross Cameron

2006 – Ila Colborne

2007 – Lorne Bellamy

2008 – Ian Gow

2009 – Bud Gormley

2010 – Tim Irwin

2011 – Dave Coleman

2012 – Dr. Jim Beckett

2013- Geoff Webster

2014- Bob Pritchard

2015- Don and Liz MacIntyre

2016- Michael Nicoll-Griffith

2017-Mary Wilson

2018-Pat Lymburner

2019-Blanche Battersby and Ron Rubadeau