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CORK/Sail Kingston is able to host its annual events thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

Fill out the online application here:  

Volunteer Application Form


2023 Volunteer Reimbursement Form

2023 Volunteer Reimbursement – Pre-Approval Form (larger expenses)


The following are general descriptions of tasks. For more complete information, contact the CORK office. If you would like to help out with CORK but are unsure what to volunteer for, let us know and we will be happy to help you explore options!

Ashore Positions

Social Media Volunteers
CORK/Sail Kingston is looking for a community-minded and social media savvy individual with a passion for volunteering (sailing knowledge a bonus). Kingston's largest freshwater racing and training event provides an exciting atmosphere that we would like to maintain year-round. This is the perfect position for a university or college level volunteer looking to expand their resume or work experience and connect with Kingston, Eastern Ontario, and international communities. Help us spread the word about the best freshwater sailing event in the world!

Information and Administration
- Assist at information desk with regatta information and general information about Kingston
- Assist with daily volunteer registration
- Assist with volunteer lunch distribution
- Assist with general office tasks

Awards Ceremonies
- Set-up area for awards
- Keep awards in order for presentation

Jury Secretary
- Set-up jury desk
- Hand out protest forms
- Log in protest forms received
- Post protest list
- Assist with scheduling

- Assist in planning, organizing social events for volunteers
- Sell/hand out tickets(evenings)

- Inventory control (maintain records of equipment signed out and returned)
- Preparing equipment for each race management team in time to get to their respective courses on time
- Provide the appropriate Personnel with the equipment they need to perform their duties

First Aid
- Assist with basic first aid treatments (appropriate training required)

- Enter registration information into a computer
- Issue registration forms and kits
- Collect entry fees
- Check pre-registrations and issue kits
- Help sort registration by class at the end of the day
- Assist with crowd control
- Assist setting up the lobby area


-Prepare a list all registered competitors in a class (Scratch Sheet)

-Enter finish data into Sailwave files to calculate scores for each race and series results for a class

-Publish, print and post results on CORK’s official notice board

-Help Race Officers resolve competitors’ inquiries about results posted on the official notice board

-Obtain results of protests and make related scoring changes, if any

-Print a list of top finishers including the skipper and crew’s names, their city and club for award ceremonies


Note: An ability to focus and attend to details in an open environment, and a solid understanding of Windows operating system are desirable assets for Results Team volunteers. Potential volunteer scorers are encouraged to take advantage of Sailwave training opportunities.

- Interview sailors, volunteers etc.
- Prepare stories about CORK
- Liaison with results to prepare information sheets
- Liaison with local and other media
- Round up people for interviews
- Cover any CORK events (opening, awards etc.)
- Work with support boats on the water

Boat Launch
- Assist sailors with boats going in and out of the water
- Assist in traffic control on the road, both cars and boats on dollies
- Retrieve dollies around the harbour area in preparation for the end of the days races
- Assist sailors getting their boats off the dollies so others may use them

Event Communications
- Maintain communications with all on water activities
- Maintain running (written) log on races
- Record communications
- Liaison between on water chairman and on shore needs (VIP etc.)

On-Water Positions

Race Committee
Several different jobs are available on a Race Committee boat:
- Timer
- Sound signaler
- Flag officer
- Recorder
- Line Judge

Boat Owners
- Supply and pilot your own boat
- If you are unable to pilot your boat find a suitable person to do so
- Boat owner are encouraged to perform rescue or race committee jobs

Boats are required for the following areas:
- Race committee boat (1 per course)
- Line boat (maximum 1, need varies by course)
- Finish boat (1 per course)
- Mark boat (1 per course)
- Utility boat (need can vary per course)
- Rescue boat (minimum one per course, need varies by event)
- Media boat (2-3)
- On water jury boat (at least 1)
- VIP tours (1-2)

Deck Hand
- Set the anchor
- Assist in docking the boat
- Follow the instructions of the boat owner or pilot
- assist with race management / rescue as directed

Safety Boat Crew
Safety Crews work in conjunction with Race Officers in overseeing the safety of competitors racing. This involves monitoring the fleet and lending assistance in the event that a competitor requires help. It is a great way to be close to the racing and be a valuable asset in the event of problems. Volunteers are supervised by experienced Safety personnel and are stationed at various points on the course by the Safety 1 Captain on each of the race courses.