Final day 49er & 49er FX Junior World Championship

The final day of the 49er & 49er Fx Junior World Championships had the competitors on their toes!  Each fleet had 3 races  6 minute each.  In the 49er fleet  the top 5 boats in the 49er class hung on to their day 3 standings.  In the 49er fleet team Japan won two of the medal races pushing team Australia out of medal contention.


Here are your final results:

49er Junior World Championships overall results:

1-William Jones & Evan DePaul Canada

2-Dane Wilson & Scott Ewing USA

3-Don & Dylan Whitcraft Thailand

4-Oliver Manton & Billy Goodfellow  Australia

5-Ryan & Andrew Wood Canada


49er FX Junior World Championships overall results

1-Ragna & Maia Agerup Norway

2-Anna Yamazaki & Sena Takano Japan

3-Carla & Marta Munte Spain

4-Natasha Bryant & Annie Wilmot Australia

5-Alexandra Ten Hove & Mariah Millen Canada


Full details here:

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